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Who are we ?

About Dr. Mohamed Didamoni

Dr. Muhammad Al-Didamouni graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Al-Azhar University in 2006, and since the day of the graduation ceremony, he decided to change the concept of medical service in his field. This is because he is convinced that a great part of the doctor’s skill is that he runs distinguished clinics and provides a single medical service in addition to the medical part. He joined the specialized certificate for nosocomial infection control at the American University in Cairo, which he obtained in 2007, then a diploma in comprehensive quality management for health care from the American University in Cairo in 2008. Then he obtained a diploma in comprehensive infection control in 2008, and at that time he became the first dentist in Egypt to specialize in nosocomial infection control.Then Dr. Mohamed joined the dental implants course under the supervision of New York University in America in 2008. He became a member of the International Federation of Dental Implants in the same year and then a fellow of the Federation in 2012. In 2013, Dr. Mohamed obtained a master’s degree in dental implants and his thesis was about the latest technologies Dental implants and maintaining the level of bone and gums around implants. In 2015, Dr. Mohamed Al-Didamouni joined the International Federation of Orthodontists in America to obtain the Orthodontic Fellowship Sinan from the same unionIn 2019, he obtained a doctorate in periodontal surgery and the use of laser techniques in the treatment of gum diseases. He was not satisfied with that, so he joined the specialized program to obtain a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Britain, for orthodontics. He received many awards and honors and has research papers in dental implants and lasers published in Specialized scientific journals. He also attended many different dental conferences inside and outside Egypt, in addition to practical workshops to research and learn about new and modern techniques in dental sciences. He also holds membership in international associations in implantology, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

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