Oral and dental surgery refers to any intervention that requires opening and making an incision in the gums and jawbones to remove any damage such as impacted teeth, abscesses, tumors, or correcting a jaw fracture.

Oral and dental surgery

Oral and dental surgery

There are simple procedures in oral surgery such as extractions, surgical extractions, and some types of external cysts of mouth tissues that can be performed by a general dentist after proper training. There are also intermediate to advanced surgeries that are performed by a periodontist and oral surgeon such as large jaw cysts, impacted teeth with cysts, dental implants, fractures, and more.

Accurate diagnosis of oral surgeries requires necessary tests such as medical analyses or specialized radiographs like 3D cone beam CT scan and reviewing the patient’s medical history and whether they need some consultations with their general practitioner before undergoing surgery.

Surgical procedures vary depending on the type of intervention, whether it is performed on a dental chair or in a fully equipped operation room.

Postoperative instructions

  • maintaining oral health and brushing teeth three times a day and using prescribed mouthwash regularly.
  • Avoid eating hard and tough foods that can harm the wound and affect healing.
  • Do not chew or eat on the side where the surgery was performed for a week.
  • We completely avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.

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